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Environmental Sustainability

Guided by our Green, Intelligent, Community+ philosophy, we hope to promote the digitalized economic development with a low-carbon strategy and contribute to global carbon neutrality. By fully leveraging our technology innovation, we have successively launched VR property viewing, live VR home tour, paperless online signing and other service products to minimize the commuting costs arising from physical home tours and housing transactions. In 2020, we had approximately 1.29 billion views of VR property showings, and our housing customers have aggregately spent 59 million hours on VR property showings. In 2020, we also saved around 8,950,000 sheets of paper via online signing. We remain steadfast in our efforts to build a greener planet together.

Environmental Sustainability

Corporate Governance

Board Oversight: In 2020, we have built a sound ESG governance structure covering governance, management and executive levels. The Board of Directors authorizes the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee to oversee ESG related issues and perform relevant ESG governance responsibilities on behalf of the Board. 

Risk Management: Following the COSO framework, we build a risk management structure consisting of three lines of defense to identify and analyze financial and non-financial risks and form effective risk prevention and control mechanisms for long-term stability.

Business Ethics: We firmly insist on Business to Good and have been working to improve the compliance system and carrying out compliance control, covering data security, privacy protection, business integrity, intellectual property rights, advertising compliance and supplier management. We dedicate to creating transparent business environment with our stakeholders and maintain a fair market order with benign competition.