Beike’s Realsee Supports Tech Advances at 2022 Winter Olympic Games

January 27, 2022

BEIJING, China, January 27, 2022 — KE Holdings Inc. (“Beike” or the “Company”) (NYSE: BEKE), a leading integrated online and offline platform for housing transactions and services, announced it is supporting the technology advances of the 2022 Winter Olympics by making available, to all, virtual tours of the competition venues through the application of 3D reconstruction technology developed by its digital simulation unit, Realsee. 

By creating 10 virtual arenas including the National Speed Skating Oval and Big Air Shougang, Realsee built the online “walkthrough” platform that enables users from around the world to take a 360-degree tour of the extensive stadiums in just a few clicks of the mobile phone, without having to leave their sofas. It also features a bilingual introduction service in Chinese and English to help viewers better obtain the details of the different sports venues.

Scheduled to commence on February 4, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are establishing new benchmarks for an environmentally friendly and smart Games, with high-tech products playing a big role. To help empower advances in technology, Beike’s Realsee leveraged its 3D reconstruction capabilities to bring immersive experiences to audiences worldwide.

In order to adapt to the characteristics of the Winter Olympics’ arenas, such as large spaces and backdrops of ice and snow, Realsee updated and customized its self-developed laser scanner “Galois” to better capture the details with both high precision and high definition. For example, Realsee extended the Galois detection scope to 100 meters from its original 25 meters capability. It also optimized the Galois by reducing variations in brightness and color appearing in the images and removing undesired effects such as reflections off the ice and snow, and other anomalies, by using an algorithm to analyze the actual environment. The Galois scanner is equipped with an 8K high-definition single-lens HDR camera independently developed by Realsee, to support the 8K panoramic composition and realize the high-quality and high-fidelity color capture of the arenas. 

Launched by RealSee, in April 2020, Galois was awarded, in March 2021, the Red Dot Design Award, a renowned international industrial design prize, for its outstanding performance and superb product design.

Beike continues to leverage technologies to transform the housing transactions and services industry. The company offers customers a range of tech-empowered services including virtual home tours and instant visualization of planned home renovation to improve the customer experience and enhance service quality.

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