Our corporate mission is “admirable service, joyful living”, and our corporate values are “customer first, honest and reliable, win-win cooperation, striving beyond better”. Led by our mission and the core values, we integrate ESG criteria into our corporate strategy and operation management. Leveraging our digitalized service capabilities, we advocate the whole industry to bring good to our customers and agents, and we push for win-win cooperation and technology innovation in the housing related industry, to bring appreciated value to customers and service providers and improve the overall residential housing service quality. We aspire to fulfill our vision of “providing comprehensive and trusted housing services to 300 million families” with unremitting efforts.

In 2021, we adhere to improving our service standards, maintaining resilience in our business operations, embracing challenges, and continuously adapting to the changing environment. We released the "One Body, Two Wings" strategic upgrade and combined it with our ESG practices, providing customers with high-quality housing transaction services, home rental and home renovation and furnishing services, to order to achieve the goal of “joyful living”.

We commit to long-term benefits, firmly believing in “doing the right thing even if it's difficult.” By empowering the eco-system of the industry, we will strive to realize our vision and achieve our goals.

Environmental Sustainability

We integrate the concept of environmental protection into all aspects of daily operations. We continuously improve the efficiency of resource use through institutionalized management and normalized supervision. We actively reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, while promoting the development of the digital economy through low-carbon strategies in order to contribute to the carbon neutrality.

By fully leveraging our strengths in technology innovation, we have successively launched VR property viewing, live VR home tours, paperless online contract signing and other service products to minimize the carbon emissions arising from physical home tours and housing transactions. In 2021, Beike customers have used VR viewings for over 1.6 billion times, with an accumulated hour spent on VR property viewing over 66 million hours. In the same year, we saved more than 47.2 million sheets of paper in total via online signing.

Social Responsibility

Authentic Property Listings: Our authentic property listings commitment has achieved 100% platform coverage for 11 years in a row, and the authenticity rate has been maintained at over 95% for a long time.  

Service Quality: By continuously improving the quality of our housing properties, guaranteeing and upgrading the quality of our services, and empowering the service providers in the housing related industry, we are leading and driving the entire real estate brokerage service industry into a new era of quality and contributing our strength to the “joyful living”.

Talent Development: Beike values talent development. Adhering to the Five Forces Talent Development Concept, we continuingly work on discovering and fostering talents across our industry network who are customer-oriented, industry-focused, perseverant, team players, as well as value contributors. We advocate diverse and inclusive corporate culture, safeguard employee rights while continuously improving the compensation and benefits system, cultivate healthy and safe working environment. Besides we seek to provide professional development opportunities and abundant resources for employee career development, committed to becoming the best partner in their career growth. 

Community Engagement: We believe by integrating the advantages obtained from the housing industry with community welfare, we are on the right path to promote efficient and sustainable community development. For building a harmonious community, we spare no efforts to adopt diversified communication mechanisms and conduct a wide range of volunteer activities to resonate with communities in where we operate. 

Corporate Governance

ESG Governance Structure: To effectively implement ESG philosophy and strategies, improve the Company’s competitiveness for sustainable development, formulate a long-term ESG working mechanism, promote harmonious and win-win development with stakeholders, and serve the achievement of the Company's medium- and long-term strategic goals, we have integrated ESG governance into our corporate governance structure, covering the Board, professional Board Committees, the management and executive levels. 

Risk Management and Control: Following the framework of COSO (The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) framework, we have built a risk management structure consisting of three lines of defense to identify, analyze, and address financial and non-financial risks during operations and established effective risk prevention and control mechanisms to achieve long-term operational stability.

Business Ethics: Compliance operation is the basic requirement of the Company’s sustainable development. Since its establishment, Beike has insisted on our development philosophy of “business to good”. We operate businesses in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and we have been working to improve the compliance system and carrying out compliance control, covering information security and privacy protection, business integrity, intellectual property rights, advertising compliance and supplier management, to drive positive industry development powered by digitalization.


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