Adhering to the corporate mission of "admirable service, joyful living", and led by the concept of "being virtuous while seeking growth", we are committed to long-term value creation, choosing to do the right thing even if it’s difficult. We have long been dedicated to facilitating the transformation of the industry infrastructure, improving service efficiency through technological innovation, and empowering the professional growth of service providers to offer a better living experience to consumers. 

Environmental Sustainability




Green Service

Beike provides green and low-carbon services to customers at different business segments

“VR” Aids in Low-Carbon Development

We independently developed VR hardware and software. Combining with AI technology, we launched VR property viewing, VR property showing and other products. With the application of digital products in our home transaction business, we can not only effectively improve the overall efficiency for house viewing, but save commute costs, and reduce the carbon footprint for agents and customers.
s Roof Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Jinhua Shengdu Home Renovation Industrial Park

In 2022, we joined hands with external photovoltaic power generation company to put into operation, the first phase of the roof photovoltaic power generation project laid in the Shengdu Home Renovation Industrial Park in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. The photovoltaic power generated is capable of meeting the energy needs during production and operation of enterprises within the park.


Green Stores

We employ technological applications to monitor and manage the energy usage of our stores, while actively exploring opportunities for green building practices in our business.


Beijing Lianjia Intelligent Store Monitoring and Control System

We have successively put on-line the intelligent store monitoring and control system, to track the operation status and electricity consumption level of in-store electrical equipment in real time. By the end of 2022, the intelligent store monitoring and control system has covered nearly 90% of Beijing Lianjia stores.

Explore the Green Building Opportunity

In 2023, Beijing Lianjian Alfa store was awarded LEED Gold certification by its excellent resource conservation and environmental management performance. At the same time, we are also actively exploring the possibility and opportunity of obtaining green building certification for other stores under Beike’s platform. We matched and analyzed the differences between the current decoration and operation rules in our stores and the green building standards to form the Beike Green Building Standards. In the future, we will assess newly renovated and refurbished stores based on the standard and plan to complete the assessment of Lianjia's newly renovated and refurbished stores by 2030 to strengthen store-level environmental management performance.



Green Office

Beike integrates the concept of green office into our daily operations and actively conduct resource conservation trainings to enhance employees’ awareness of environmental protection.

Beike Huaqiao Academy

Our office area of Beike Huaqiao Academy was designed, built and operated in accordance with green building standards, and received the two-stared level of the Certificate of Green Building Label. In 2023, Beike Huaqiao Academy Phase II Project, which currently under construction, also makes deep reference to national green building standards. We will obtain appropriate green building certifications at a later stage of the project.

Beike Low Carbon Week Activities

Through the 'Low Carbon Week' initiative, we encourage our employees to take the stairs, reduce driving mileage, minimize food waste, and avoid unnecessary printing. This initiative serves as a guide to help them cultivate a sustainable lifestyle.


Social Responsibility
Service Quality

Taking into account multiple business scenarios including housing transactions, home renovation and furnishing, and home rental, we have built a sound quality assurance system and provided consumers with high-quality service experiences. At the same time, we have been committed to building a healthier industry ecology and working with industry partners to provide quality services. Together, we aim to improve the scientific management of our business, meet the housing needs of social groups, and jointly contribute to the healthy development of the housing industry.


Service Commitments

  • Existing home transactions: Beike has launched eight service commitments and standards. Meanwhile, Beike keep advocating cooperative brands to jointly fulfill the service commitments and build a good transaction environment to provide customers with high-quality services.
  • New home transactions: Beike has launched the Service Commitment to Honorable Operations, also known as the Five Don'ts Commitments for Developers. These include a) no interception of customers, b) no poaching of customers, c) honest operations, d) transparent transactions, and e) trustworthy advertising. Though the service commitment, we aim to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with developers and enable platform agents to obtain reasonable compensation through transparent operations, allowing home buyers to consume transparently and improve the purchasing experience.
  • Home renovation and furnishing: Beike's subsidiaries, Shengdu and Beiwoo, have successively released the “10 Promises for 10 Worries with Full Attention and Devotion” and the “10 Commitments with Sincerity” service commitments, covering multiple dimensions such as home renovation budget, quality, construction period, and safety, etc. These include the entire home renovation and furnishing service process of signing contracts, design, material selection, construction, delivery, and after-sales, aiming to provide consumers with high-quality home renovation and furnishing services.
  • Home rental: We have launched the Twilight Service Guarantee System for both regular housing rentals and Beike Carefree Rent, which covers seven service commitments, including Authentic Property Listings, Transparent Commissions and Rental Security Guarantees. As of the end of 2022, our Twilight Service Guarantee System has been launched in five cities, including Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Tianjin, benefiting over 600,000 property owners and tenants. 

Information Security and Privacy Protection

We continue to strengthen the management structure of information security and privacy protection and laid a solid foundation for ensuring the privacy and security of our consumers. For more information on Beike's privacy protection practices, please visit the Beike Privacy Statement

  • Capability Development

    We attach great importance to information security and privacy protection. We implement our measures from three aspects, including knowledge sharing, training, and assessment. We carry out information security training activities covering all employees, contractors, and data processing related suppliers. Through trainings we aim to enhance relevant parties' awareness and strengthen our management and professional capabilities in information security and privacy protection.

  • System Safeguard

    We conduct annual internal investigation on management effectiveness of the company's information security and privacy management systems. Meanwhile, we carry out annual third-party follow-up audits to ensure the validation of our ISO certifications.

  • Emergency Response

    We have established the Beike Security Response Center, which collects security vulnerabilities and threat intelligence from our products and services by engaging with users and information security experts. We aim to identify potential security threats and continuously improve the security of Beike products and services, to effectively reduce the risk of information leakage. At the same time, Beike has developed Data Security Emergency Response Plan and established a data security incident emergency working group. We initiate corresponding security emergency response processes for various types of security incidents in accordance with the security incident handling standards specified in the plan. Through the above managements, we will continuously improve the security of Beike's products and services, to safeguard the information security of our users.

Talent Development

Employees are the most valued resources at Beike. We advocate diversified and inclusive corporate culture, provide various types of benefits for all employees and agents, and strive to become the best partner in their career growth.

Homelinker Committee

Since 2022, we have established the Homelinker Committee, which consists of management and senior service providers, to build a two-way emotional connection and communication platform between employees and management. The committee is responsible for the inheritance of corporate culture and genes, enhancing the work experience and sense of identity of employees and service providers, and motivating employees to accompany the organization for long-term upward growth with the concept of sustainable development. At the same time, the committee is actively involved in the creation of a diversified and equal workplace atmosphere in Beike, and promotes the promotion of cultural values, special activities and projects through proposals.  In the future, we plan to set up the Beike’s diversity development goals, aiming to continuously improve the level of diversity in the workplace.

Capability Development

Beike talent development system covers all platform participants, including agents, store owners and brands, home renovation and furnishing service providers, employees, etc., and is committed to improving the overall quality of service providers and their professional capabilities.


Agents “Erudite” Professionalism Examination

Since  2011, we have been conducting the “Erudite” examinations to enhance the level of professionalism among real estate agents. Our aim is to promote greater professionalization and help agents acquire professional, accurate, and comprehensive knowledge of the industry and validate their learning achievements. In 2022, the “Erudite” Agents Professionalism Examination covered 97 cities in two exams throughout the year, with over 515,000 times of participation.

Craftsman (Jinggong) Academy

Beike Craftsman (Jinggong) Academy is dedicated to the development of composite talents in the home renovation and furnishing industry, providing a professional training system for nine types of service providers including designers, project managers and workers, with the goal of exporting professional home renovation and furnishing talents for the entire industry. As of the end of 2022, Craftsman (Jinggong) Academy had trained and certified 894 project managers and 4,683 workers.

Beike Director Leadership Development Program (DLDP Project)

DLDP is a large-scale leadership development project for Beike’s management trainees, with a course content based on the manager role cognition model and it consists of four modules: setting goals, managing business, leading teams, and spreading culture.

School-enterprise cooperation

We have established long-term cooperative relations with universities across the country, focusing on creating a collaborative development model integrating industry, schools, and research institutions. We combine the industrial development direction and the company's business model to provide students with targeted industry-education integrated research topics. At the same time, Beike strive to improve the professionalism of service providers and new digital residential service practitioners. As one of our core development goals, we continue to discuss with universities to set up agents’ professional education and industrial development related professional curriculum system, so as to provide school learning opportunities for employees and agents who needs to advance academic qualifications and receive professional certifications.


Community investment

Beike integrates its industrial strengths with community welfare, and actively carries out helping actions in underdeveloped areas while carrying out public welfare activities in urban communities.


Rural Revitalization - Beike Station

Since 2022, Beike has continued to build a series of Beike Station projects, promising to invest no less than 6 million RMB every year to support rural revitalization in villages with proper construction conditions. The investment will be used for renovation, construction, and hardcover of Beike Accommodation projects, to improve the appearance of villages, promote the development of rural tourism industry, and drive local employment and income. Upon completion, the project will greatly boost local rural revitalization, provide jobs, directly drive the employment and income of local residents, expand the village collective economy, help rural revitalization, and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.

Smartphone Training Session Program for Seniors

Since 2018, we have initiated the community public welfare program Smartphone Training Sessions for Seniors, calling on stores and agents to conduct regular smart phone training workshops and free Q&A. By the end of 2022, the program has been implemented in 55 cities nationwide and more than 17,000 smartphone training sessions held, provided seniors with more than 500,000 times of service. 

National College Entrance Examination Service Stations

We provided students and their parents with free services such as in-store resting, printing and copying, direction guiding, paper and pencil borrowing, water refilling, as well as emergency assistance. During the 2022 national college entrance examination, we set up National College Entrance Examination Service Stations in more than 50 cities across the country. 

Agent Agricultural Support Program

Beike launched the Agent Agricultural Support Program to help agents with their own orchards to sell their hometown’s agricultural products to the whole country through Beike's platform. Therefore, the agents’ families can receive more income and their living condition can be more decent and enjoyable. Agents working far from home can thus worry less and have more peace of mind.

Corporate Governance
Beike integrates ESG governance into corporate governance structure, covering the Board, professional Board Committees, the management and executive levels, so as to comprehensively implement our ESG philosophy and strategy.


The Company endeavors to achieve continuous improvement in corporate value and responsibility and to provide stable protection for the rights and interests of all shareholders.





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